The Vision

The mission of the Mandala Fusion enterprise is to create a  global network of portals through which the energies supporting the growth and evolution of Gaia and humanity can be expressed.  

The Brand

The Mandala Fusion Brand is inclusive in nature. It embraces Mandala artwork and branded products alongside products and services that all share, integrate and increase the heart based frequency.

The Guiding Principles

The Mandala Fusion enterprise is a supporter, an enabler and a pioneer of evolutionary energies channelled to honour Humanities process, our beloved Gaia, and all of her species. This is an enterprise founded in a “new way” – removing old constructs and negative thought patterns around what a “business” does and how it operates and interweaves with the way people live and interact.

The principle of “win-win” is central to all relationships with suppliers, affiliates and any other Artists or organizations the enterprise has involvement with.  

We are not profit driven – We embody the principle of  supporting humanities change process and looking after people, and the planet first.  As a balanced exchange of energy the enterprise will be run in a profitable way but our vision also involves sharing the benefits with community projects and non-profit organizations.

Giving Back

There is a wider perspective of 'giving back' that is integral to the Mandala Fusion brand. This Enterprise actively supports the local community, using local suppliers, employing, training and sustaining local staff and funding community projects.

In alignment with our humanitarian philantropic interest, part proceeds from sales will also be donated to the

WINS Foundation, which supports the education of underprivileged children in Bali and throughout Indonesia.